During our summer camps and private meetings we offer different scientific workshops.

Soap Factory

The purpose of those workshops is to encourage our children to have a DIY attitude so later in life they can stop consuming and start producing items they use on a daily basis.

Hand made soap and other cosmetics workshop
The children have the chance to experiment first hand how to use chemistry to turn different natural ingredients such as honey, lavender, seaweed absolute, rose oil, organic cocoa butter, Aloe Vera into cool, colorful and healthy soap balls, lip balms, beauty masks, body lotion, shampoo..

Fair Trade organic Cocoa butter

Mad Scientist Lab

  • Our labs offer explosive and colorful experiments by combining ingredients found at home (baking soda, cooking oil, food coloring, white vinegar…).
  • Volcanoes
  • Slime factory
  • Lava Lamps
  • Walking water

 Physics Lab

During those sessions, we learn about a scientific concept and then conduct an activity to demonstrate. The topics we cover are:

    • Buoyancy
    • Identification of  kinetic force vs stored force
    • Measurement of  the speed of an object in motion
    • Aviation Aerodynamic
    • First Law of Newton
    • Gravity
    • Electricity/Electrical circuit