We are STEAM obsessed!


We want to give to children all over the world the chance to explore science, engineering, art and technology first hand as early as possible in their learning journey hence fostering their inner innovative thinking.


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Our Methodology

Our unique method incorporates stories, experiments and demonstrations that are specially designed to deliver a multi-sensory experience. In this way, the learning experience is enhanced and made more memorable. We help improve and develop crucial skills for academic success as well as for survival in today’s fast-moving and competitive environment! Here at Budding Genius our staff is also bilingual to be able to help and educate everyone.




I am actually really satisfied with what I learned. I gained a great understanding of the foundation of a website and it is so neat! I would definitely register again. Thank you so much for this experience and I hope you stay safe!

Daisy (student-camper)

My son is attending Coding and Math classes here. Teachers are always on time, very engaged, and willing to provide additional resources to help child catch up on gaps in knowledge. They know how to keep child engaged and focused. What I appreciate the most is the honest feedback about the weakest points and the need to put additional effort home. They truly want your child to progress. After negative experience with two other online tutoring schools, I'm happy to find real professionals finally. Highly recommend!

Dr. Anna Kaminska

I would highly recommend this program for others. We had an amazing experience with Budding genius, they were able to find excellent teachers for our daughter whom we were home schooling due to COVID. The teachers were very engaging and their teaching method was stimulating and fun. I would highly recommend this program for others.

Qin Li

Thank you for offering program for our children to thrive! My daughter really loved the coding camps in October last year!

Youma Haraf

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We are the world most innovative program for children! Since we started in 2017, we have been offering more activities than any other children’s program. During our summer camps, the children are exposed to multiple activities during a same day giving them the opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering, math and art to the maximum.

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