Our website is currently under construction, starting November we will have a brand new website! We just signed a partnership with the University of Toronto which will help us to bring our program to offer you the highest quality of STEAM learning and bring our program to an international level!

In the meantime, you can still email us at buddinggenius@buddinggeniuscm.com for all the updates regarding our January sessions which will start on January 18, 2020 at Sheridan College Hazel McCallion campus, the spots are filling up fast!


We are the coolest and most innovative program for children on planet earth! We are obsessed about science, technology, engineering, art and math and we want to share this obsession  with your children to turn them into geniuses!

Our Mission

 To give to children all over the world the chance to explore science, engineering, art and technology first hand as early as possible in their learning journey hence fostering their inner innovative thinking.

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The topics we cover

    •  LEGO Structure Building to demonstrate scientific concepts. Lego bricks (for elementary school children) Lego simple Machines and mechanisms (high school students)
    • Robotics, coding, software engineering using Lego Wedo 2.0 and Mindstorms Ev3  and Vex Robotics ( for elementary and high school children).Coming in spring 2019, our students will be able to participate in robotics competition such as FIRST ROBOTICS CANADA
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        Coding (C++, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python)
        Website design
        Drone (Fall 2019)
      • MATH TUTORING using Spirit of Math approach (Winter 2020)
      • SCIENCE: hand made cosmetics-Applied chemistry (Only during summer camps)
      • ENGINEERING : Technical drawing for engineers
        MakeyMakey (Spring 2019)
        Introduction to circuitry using Arduino
      • ART
        Creative writing in French and English-Photography
        Making your own Lego movie (Only during summer camps)

      Our unique method incorporates stories, experiments and demonstrations that are specially designed to deliver a multi-sensory experience. In this way, the learning experience is enhanced and made more memorable.

      We help improve and develop crucial kills for academic success as well as for survival in today’s fast moving and competitive environment:

      •Social and emotional skills ( patience, teamwork, communication, resilience and persistence)
      •Innovative thinking
      •Ability to analyze engineering process – nurturing an interest in how things work and how to fix things when they don’t work (problem solving and critical thinking)

      Our recent summer camp was a real success!


      We are in the news: L’EXPRESS DE TORONTO

      Our staff is bilingual in French and English

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